• CRST, Inc. v. Superior Court, 2017 Cal. App. LEXIS 476 (2d Dist., Div. 4, May 26, 2017). Obtained a published decision in a case of first impression, holding that an employer’s admission of vicarious liability for its employee’s conduct did not bar evidence of the employer’s conduct for purposes of the employer’s punitive damages liability.

  • Veera v. Banana Republic, LLC 6 Cal.App.5th 907 (2016). In consumer class action, obtained reversal of summary judgment against plaintiffs. Defendant retailer advertised 40-percent-off purchases when the sale applied only to some items. In reliance on the sale signs, customers were lured into the store, selected items for purchase at the advertised discount, and bought some of the items at full price, after learning at the register that the discount did not apply, suffering injury in fact.

  • Dalton v. Santander Consumer United States, Inc. 2016-NMSC-035 (2016). Obtained reversal of order denying Defendant lender’s request to compel arbitration, holding that carve outs of both parties’ small claims and non-judicial, self-help remedies from the arbitration agreement did not make the agreement unconscionable.           

  • In re Marriage of Fajota, 230 Cal.App.4th 1487 (2014). Prevailed in a pro bono appeal of a child custody dispute in the California Court of Appeal. The opinion addressed significant and unresolved issues regarding child custody when one parent engages in domestic violence against the other and reversed custody award to father.

  • Romine v. Johnson Controls, Inc., 224 Cal.App.4th 990 (2014). Reversed judgment against engineering company that simply designed a product, because engineers are not subject to strict products liability.

  • Quarry v. Doe 1, 53 Cal.4th 945 (2012). Reversed Court of Appeal on matter of first impression and held statute of limitations precluded plaintiffs' claims.

  • Prevailed on appeal and obtained a complete reversal of the trial court's order issuing an injunction, based upon the language of the applicable statute.

  • Secured affirmance by the Eighth Circuit of judgments of dismissal of three plaintiffs’ medical device actions for failure to comply with multi-district litigation rules.

  • Retained sizable judgment for plaintiffs based on intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation claims, following the issuance of terminating sanctions.

  • After client obtained a $6 million jury verdict, trial court granted a new trial, but the Court of Appeal reversed, ordering the client’s verdict reinstated in full.

  • After jury verdict in plaintiff’s favor in a partnership dispute, trial court granted the client’s JNOV on the punitive damages award and Court of Appeal affirmed.

  • Court of Appeal affirmed forum non conveniens dismissal on behalf of a foreign individual client.

  • Drafted writ petition challenging denial of motion for summary adjudication in a negligence action on the issue of whether defendant owed a duty to plaintiff, which resulted in an extremely favorable settlement for the client.

  • Drafted respondent’s brief for case that settled favorably for the full amount of the multi-million dollar judgment prior to oral argument.

  • Obtained affirmance of summary judgment in California Court of Appeal on behalf of client against a claim that emails were sent in violation of California’s Anti-Spam Act.

  • Obtained affirmance of partial summary judgment on appeal in the Seventh Circuit on behalf of client regarding a contractual licensing dispute.